Neurological Services

in Las Vegas

CNS’ provides outpatient adult neurological services in Las Vegas and in Henderson, Nevada.

These neurological services include:

What conditions does a neurologist treat?

Neurologists treat some of the most rare conditions (e.g. Lou Gehrig’s disease) that affect people to some of the more common neurological conditions, including  Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Most patients referred by their treating primary care physician may not be referred for a condition, but for one or more neurological complaints. > Learn more about Adult Neurology

How are neurological conditions or symptoms treated?

If a neurological condition is identified, then one or more modalities of treatment may be indicated. If a neurological condition is not identified, then symptom management is discussed, additional testing may be needed or possibly a referral to another medical specialist. These standard modalities and treatment options may include Ways to Improve Body and Brain Health, prescription medication, various therapies and in some cases surgery may be indicated.

To Learn More About An Appointment

To learn more about establishing neurological care with a neurologist at Clinical Neurology Specialists, please contact us for further assistance.