Updated COVID-19 Measures

June 1, 2021

Patients & Visitors,

As of June 1, the facility access control point stations were closed and safety measures were transferred to the front desk. All scheduled patients and visitors are required to still proceed to the front desk upon arrival for check in and further assistance, regardless if you completed eRegistration digital forms.

For the continued safety of our service providers, employees and visitors, your temperature will be taken upon arrival during check in at the front desk. Face coverings are still required.

Digital eForms: Patients with scheduled appointments can opt in to receive the digital eRegistration forms and COVID-19 pre-visit eForm to save some time during facility check in. A hard copy is still provided during check in at the front desk if needed.

If you have opted in for digital eRegistration and Check In (pre-visit COVID-19 questionnaire), then please expect to receive these notifications by email and/or SMS, in addition to standard appointment reminders.

Notification settings are based on your preferences set during initial registration. You can update these at any time by calling the office and asking to speak to a front office representative.

eRegistration (New Patients and Returning Patients) receive notifications generally between 9:00 – 10:00 AM PST:

  1. 3 days prior to appointment
  2. 2 days prior to appointment
  3. 1 day prior to appointment

Note: When you complete the eForms (e.g. 3 days prior), further notifications for eRegistration should discontinue. You only need to complete these once for that appointment.

CheckIn eForm (e.g. COVID-19 Pre-visit Questionnaire)

  1. This is sent on the day of your scheduled appointment from 0-2 hours prior
  2. This is a short 3 question eForm with acknowledgement <1 minute to complete – Thank You!


  • Please review Main Entrance Sign Postings for CNS Healthy Business Operations
  • Face coverings are still required
  • Continue Hand Hygiene / Respiratory Hygiene / Cough Etiquette measures
  • No entry for patients or visitors who are suspected or confirmed with COVID-19
  • No entry for patients or visitors with fever and/or Acute Respiratory Illness

To Learn More About An Appointment

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