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eRegistration is now available at CNS.

*Scheduled patients will automatically get a link. As a result, you can now complete most of the in-office paperwork on your mobile device. This also allows you to complete the required forms digitally from the safety and convenience of your personal space.

See the below information to help navigate eRegistration.

  • No new account to create

  • No passwords needed

  • Complete on your own device

  • Two factor authentication for added security

  • Save on paper!

eRegistration FAQs:

Who will get an eRegistration link?

*New patients scheduled for an upcoming new patient visit (consultation and/or outpatient testing) will automatically get a link.

*Established patients returning for an Ambulatory EEG test or follow up visit will automatically get a link.

Who can complete the eRegistration forms and COVID-19 Questionnaire (Check In form)?

Patients who get a link.

Patients with a smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop with an internet connection.

Do all appointments require COVID-19 Questionnaire (Check In)?
Yes. All appointments require a pre-visit COVID-19 Questionnaire to be completed, which the platform labels as a Check In form.

Please note that this form does not check you in.

After arrival to the office, please continue to the Check In Desk / Front Desk to physically check in and take care of any financial responsibilities.

What to do if you get disconnected?
Simply click the link to reconnect again and start where you left off.

However, if you have any questions or believe your forms didn’t submit properly, then please wait about 30 minutes or more, then call the Front Desk and ask if we received your eForms successfully.

Henderson Location (on W Horizon Ridge Pkwy): 702-804-1212

Las Vegas Location (on W Flamingo Rd): 702-804-6555

Is there an alternative to eRegistration and COVID-19 Questionnaire (Check In)?
At this time, Yes!

If you experience any connectivity issues or do not have an internet connected device, or having other issues, then arrive to the office prior to your appointment allowing for appropriate time to complete paper registration forms.

To Learn More About An Appointment

To learn more about establishing neurological care with neurologist at Clinical Neurology Specialists, please contact us for further assistance.